Image Tile

Image Tile

Show detailed data about an item alongside an image of the item, making it more tangible.


By Incorta



Visual information about an item in addition to metrics can help you make decisions faster. View the exact item your data is about by including a web-hosted image along with your data.

Answer questions like:

  • What does this product look like?
  • What does this store look like?

The component accepts columns into three trays:

  • Image URL (must be internet accessible)
  • Title (optional)
  • Description (optional, can handle multiple values)

Various settings are provided including:

  • The image height
  • Title color, background color and size
  • Whether to show the label for each item in the Description area
  • Fallback image (in case the URL is not reachable or not defined)
  • Base URL (Optional, if you data has the image file name instead of the full URL)

Please note that if your data is returning multiple entries to the Image Tile it will render the fallback image instead, it must be a single/unique image URL



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